[Spambayes] Lost addresses

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Wed Nov 22 13:30:28 CET 2006

Retrieve the address book contents from your backup DVDs. If OE works at
all like standard Outlook, you can open the retrieved .pst file along
with the "real" one and simply copy the entries back where they belong. 



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	I use Windows XP and Outlook Express.  I installed SpamBayes v1
from the cover DVD of PC Pro Iss 143. I then followed steps 1 and 2
under 'Configuration' in the Readme file which opens when installation
is complete, but clicking on Save at the bottom of the Configuration
page brought up details of a "500 Server error".

	I reversed the changes I had made, and then found a more
comprehensive list of set-up instructions at FAQ 4.21, the first of
which was to download the latest version of SpamBayes. I downloaded
v1.1a3, but when I came to install ir there was one file of which the
installer was unable to replace the existing version.  I therefore
removed v1 before trying again to install v1.1a3.  This time the
installation proceeded to its end, but any attempt to send a message in
Outlook Express now resulted in another "500 Server error" message
(though with fewer lines than the last). 

	I shan't bother you with the details of the two error messages
because I have decided to remove SpamBayes from my computer and try a
different product.  But I would like your advice on this: all the
entries in my Outlook Express address book have somehow been deleted and
I cannot find any way to get them back.  Has anyone else reported this
problem?  Or can you suggest a solution?

	Mike Tavener

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