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Ron Garland LoneWolf at Montana.com
Fri Nov 24 22:34:58 CET 2006



I just installed SpamBayes and love it; however, I have my Inbox configured
using sub-folders under my Inbox, and rules that send an email into one of
five different email identities based on the email address in the To field
of the email.  As a result, the Junk Suspects folder isn't receiving any


As I receive emails into the various folders, if they are spam, I use your
Delete As Spam button to remove them.  Is SpamBayes "learning" that they are
spam even if they don't get routed first through the Junk Suspects folder,
or do I have to configure my Outlook with a single Inbox?




Ron Garland

Lone Wolf Marketing

406-556-5085 Office

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