[Spambayes] Outlook 2003 loading error

Neil Hymans- Technically Speaking neil at techspeak.com.au
Mon Nov 27 08:24:49 CET 2006

Hi guys
Love your work!
I've just installed Outlook 03 on a new machine with Windows XP SP2. MS
Update has done its thing and Outlook & all the Office bits have the most
current updates available.  When I installed the SpamBayes plugin for
Outlook, Outlook crashed repeatedly. I have followed all the advice in the
troubleshooting but with no success.  (I used SpamBayes on my previous
system with the same environment as above and it worked perfectly every
time, so I know what I should be seeing.)
I thought there might be two possible causes: a conflict with another Add-in
(MS PST backup) or perhaps the fact that my PST was set up from my last
configuration to display the "spam rating" field in the inbox. So I
uninstalled PST backup and SpamBayes, restarted & closed Outlook without
errors, then reinstalled SpamBayes - no joy.
I then did the same thing after removing the Spam Rating field from my inbox
- this didn't make any difference either.
I doubt the attached log files are going to tell you much, but I'd be
grateful for any suggestions you might have for anything else I should try.
Best regards
Neil Hymans
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