[Spambayes] Error Running sb_server.py version 1.1a3

Amedee Van Gasse amedee at amedee.be
Fri Oct 13 21:30:22 CEST 2006

Op vr, 13-10-2006 te 11:31 -0500, schreef skip at pobox.com:
>     Amedee> I'm using the version that came with Debian:
>     Amedee> amedee at elbereth { ~ }$ sudo aptitude show spambayes
>     Amedee> Password:
>     Amedee> Package: spambayes
>     Amedee> State: installed
>     Amedee> Automatically installed: no
>     Amedee> Version: 1.0.3-1
>     ...
> That's kind of old.  The latest stable release is 1.0.4.  The current alpha
> is 1.1a3.

Ubuntu Edgy (Ubuntu 6.10, expected end october) features spambayes
1.0.4-3. Most of the times I prefer stable software over alphas or betas
- although I'm sure the code quality of spambayes is above average :)

>     >> Since it appears you're trying to load an sb_server message info
>     >> database, I wonder if removing it (or renaming it) will get you past
>     >> this particular bump in the road.
>     Amedee> How do I do that?  I mean, I know how to rm or rename a file,
>     Amedee> but which file and where?
> I'm not sure.  If you've not changed that setting you should be able to try
>     cd
>     find . -name '*messageinfo*'
> If will probably be named spambayes.messageinfo.db, though messageinfo.fs is
> an outside possibility.

I renamed that file (appended .bak) and now it works again!
Thank you very much.

>     >> Alternatively, it may be that you've hit a bug that's been fixed in a
>     >> more recent version.  If removing the file doesn't work, you could
>     >> upgrade.
>     Amedee> Unlikely, because it used to work. But I'll try an upgrade, when
>     Amedee> I find out which file to delete.
> Just because it used to work doesn't mean you haven't encountered a bug
> that's been fixed in a more recent version.

You may be right: there is always the possibility that I have
encountered a very rare condition that triggers a bug which hasn't
manifested itself before.

Amedee Van Gasse
amedee at amedee.be

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