[Spambayes] SpamBayes feedback

Scott scotthaggard at cox.net
Fri Oct 20 21:21:02 CEST 2006

Hi Skip,

Thanks for your quick response. I would have to say it's in the neighborhood
of 500-600 hams that I've had it train on. It has 90/15 for thresholds. I
never changed the thresholds, nor have I played around with those numbers. I
just didn't know know enough to have any idea what to change them to. Do you
recommend some other settings? I would definitely be willing to change those
for better results, however, as of late I have been seeing improvement.


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>     Scott> [-] I found that SpamBayes to be much less 
> accurate "out of the
>     Scott> box" than other free anti-spam products I've 
> tested. It's my
>     Scott> opinion that SpamBayes took much longer to train 
> than I expected
>     Scott> in order to reach a level of usefulness. I have 
> fed SpamBayes
>     Scott> well over 1000 spam messages. 
> How many hams have you trained on?  What sort of settings do 
> you have for the thresholds?  Out-of-the-box the spam and ham 
> thresholds are pretty conservative.
> Skip

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