[Spambayes] spambayes outlook plugin breaks "send page" and "send

Darren Blazeiko darren at royaloakinn.com
Sun Oct 22 06:02:07 CEST 2006

Subject: spambayes outlook plugin breaks "send page" and "send link" in
explorer and outlook 2003
Hi, I read your troubleshooting page 
and I am still having trouble.
I have microsoft windows xp home, explorer 6 and outlook 2003 with all the
latest patches.
When and only when I have the spambayes plugin installed , "send page" and
link" do not work in explorer. The first time after a reboot this works.. 
However the
second time i do it, I get a pop up saying "micrsoft office outlook
operation failed". This is because there is a zombie outlook process
outlook.exe hanging around from the first time i did "send link". Until I
manually kill the zombie outlook process in task manager, send link and send
page do not work.
Yes, my program defaults are right.  
How do I stop it? I did try reinstalling outlook 2003 and letting it reset
to default settings - no luck.
Leaving outlook open does not improve the behavior - the zombie still gets
created after the first send page/link command. It is something about
explorer+ outlook with spambayes that makes outlook zombies.
Please let me know how to fix this..



Darren Blazeiko, CHA

General Manager

The Royal Oak Inn & Suites


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