[Spambayes] Issues with Spam Bayes

Lisa Workman LWorkman at benchmark-inc.com
Fri Sep 1 18:07:24 CEST 2006

Hi there..
My windows version is XP
I use Outlook 2003
SpamBayes version is 1.0.4
It quit working one day.  I uninstalled it... Also deleted my SpamBayes
folder under my c:\docs and settings\username\application data folder
and rebooted the machine.  Re-installed it and it still doesn't work.
Also, before I re-installed it, I went into Outlook and my toolbar for
SpamBayes was still there?  I then created myself a new profile in
outlook and the toolbar was still there even though SpamBayes was
installed.  I checked the addin box in Outlook and SpamBayes was
Any suggestions as I really like this software.  I did read through the
documentation and try to resolve this before emailing you.
Lisa Workman
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