[Spambayes] I seem to have stumbled upon a (persistent) spamcount > nspam bug

Edgar Matzinger edgar at edgar-matzinger.nl
Wed Sep 13 13:01:47 CEST 2006

Hi Skip,

>> running is, you may or may not find support for ZODB in the
> SpamBayes
>> tool set.  I recommend you update to 1.1a3.
> OK, will do this also.
> Thanks, cu l8r, Edgar.

   I've compiled, poured it into a RPM and installed ZODB3 (version
3.6.0). Furthermore, I've done the same with spambayes 1.1a3, and
now it works flawlessly. If needed I can provide you with the RPM
spec-file for spambayes.

Thanks, cu l8r, Edgar.
        (o o)                                           Just curious...

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