[Spambayes] Spambayes crashes my Outlook

Roland Hordos rolandhordos at tundraeng.com
Thu Sep 14 20:21:21 CEST 2006

If you go to your Outlook 2003 -> [Tools] -> [E-mail Accounts] -> [View
or Change Existing E-mail Accounts] and list the name and type of each.
Then the same for [View or change existing directories or address
books].  List name and type of each.
It couldn't hurt to paste in the first part of the spambayes1.log in
your local temp directory (C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR PROFILE\Local
Settings\Temp\spambayes1.log).  For me, though, the log was not helpful
as the crash happened so early in startup.  
I think you have exactly the same circumstances that I had because you
had to disable the Add-in manually.  On startup it has some protection
code in there that will automatically disable it, if it detects an
error.  Because the error I was seeing was caused by an Access Violation
(apparently out of process), it did not return a proper exception to
SpamBayes and thus left Outlook crippled.
I should warn you I'm not a regular contributor -- a SpamBayes hacker at
best.  I was simply determined to have it work, as the users were
already trained on it, it works extremely well, and it's open-source.
I've found the source code to be very well written IMHO, and I was able
to locate this bug and re-build the setup.exe with the cvs InnoSetup
instructions inside of a day.

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Hi Roland - 
Happy to do some looking under the hood for you, I'll need some
Not sure where to find info about the MAPI connector.... if you can send
me to some places to look, I'm happy to give you the info.


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Hi David,
I'm curious about which MAPI connectors you may be using?  I had a
similar problem show up for me, using the CommuniGate MAPI connector.
As it turned out, the SpamBayes code where the error was caused appeared
to be just fine -- the call out to the MAPI system was returning 2
stores instead of 1 and Outlook would crash each time it tried to access
the second store.  I modified the SpamBayes source to work around it
successfully.  I'm not sure if you're inclined to get under the hood of
it, but it might help the SpamBayes group to know the details of your
Outlook environment.

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Hi - 

I just installed SpamBayes on my Outlook 2003, running Windows XP. 

It crashes outlook so that it can't even start. I've now chosen the
option to "disable" the pluggin, so I can use outlook.

Any way to get around this that you know of? 

If not, how do I go about uninstalling SpamBayes so I can try again at a
later date? 

Thanks much! 

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