[Spambayes] Can I manually add a specific filter for Ham / Spam

Gordon Hutchison Gordon_Hutchison at bigpond.com
Sun Sep 24 16:40:19 CEST 2006

I want to manually add a filter, so that any email with , say, "nodrog" in
subject or body is always considered as Ham.
Can I do this?
Would it be sufficient to just send myself some (How many?) emails with this
word and make sure they are classified as Ham?  How could I be sure that
absolutely every email with this word would be considered as Ham?
Why would I want to do this?  If I can tell my friends / colleagues to use
this email password, then I can be sure that all emails with it (and perhaps
the odd one or two of spam) would be considered as ham, and I don't have to
troll the spam folder so carefully every single day.  (I get about 70 spam
and perhaps 5 or 8 Ham emails every day.  With such a lopsided incremental
learning I worry about incorrectly classifying Ham as spam (and this has
happened a few times). 
Thanks for listening.

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