[Spambayes] DoesFolderHaveOutlookField() error

Manzoni Fabio Fabio.Manzoni at compassonline.it
Tue Sep 26 12:34:06 CEST 2006

Hi, I'm running spambayes 1.0.4 on Outlook2k on Windows2k.
It ran ok for months, the suddenly stop ped filtering new messages.
Looking into the log, i saw there was a problema creating the 'Spam' field in
the 'incoming mail' folder, saying the field was created but looked like it didn't exist, with
a probable error with DoesFolderHaveOutlookField().
I tried to install/reinstall, manually delete or add the Spam field in the folder, but
without success.
At the end, noticing I had other user fields (not related to Spambayes) I tried deleting them, 
quitting and restarting outlook, and... voilà! everything is ok now.

Don't know if my solution works for all the people having a similar problem, but
maybe it can be useful for the developers...


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