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1) Sorry--I didn't realize that I sent that directly to your address.
2) after re-reading your post, I'm thinking that maybe the message didn't "miss the attention of SB".  More likely SB DID scan it but didn't recognize it as spam.  
  a - Have SB scan folder B and train it as Ham.
  b - When these spam messages get through, tell SB that it is spam.

Pretty soon you won't see those messages.

Don Ireland
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  Hi Don,


  Thanks for the email. My rule is pretty simple, it simply states that when mail is received from account b, move it to folder b. I receive emails for two trading names and need to keep them separate.


  Can I set up Spambayes to scan the additional folder or will a message rule take effect after a delay if configured correctly thereby allowing spambayes to work its magic before the message rule takes effect?


  Many thanks




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  The solution is to change the rule so that spam meesages don't meet the requirements.  In other words, the rule is too generalized.


  What is the rule?

  Don Ireland

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    Hello all,


    I have recently installed Spambayes on my machine. I am running windows 2000 professional and using outlook 2000 as my email client. I am having difficulty with just one aspect of my spambayes setup, that being where I have filtering for message rules. It appears that any message that meets the requirements of my message rule avoids the attention on spambayes. This seems to me like too simple a problem for there not to be a solution. Can anyone let me know what it might be.


    Many thanks




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