[Spambayes] Not receiving good mail

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Tue Aug 14 19:38:51 CEST 2007

That's because SpamBayes does not pay special attention to the sender's
address.  All the content of the message, including the sender, is
ranked according to the probability that it is spam, based on your
classification of earlier messages.  The probability that the entire
message is spam is calculated from those rankings.

So, if messages from friends are getting classified as spam, that's
because SpamBayes thinks they look like spam, based on the training you
have done.  The usual thing to do is to tell SpamBayes when it has
misclassified something (by dragging the message to the correct folder
or using the Spam or Not Spam button; eventually you'll provide enough
hints that SpamBayes will correctly classify messages.

With Outlook, you can also set up a rule to move messages from specific
senders.  You'd want to move them to a folder that SpamBayes is not set
up to filter.  But, of course, if a spammer sends you a message that
pretends to be from a friend, you won't get SpamBayes' benefit.

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System is locking out a 'good' friends messages. I cannot see where to
go to
take them off the spam list. Nowhere in the documentation is there a
reference to doing this.

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