[Spambayes] Problems with source installation on confused computer

Peter Naus PCPete at audiography.com.au
Sat Aug 18 07:21:39 CEST 2007

Hi all,
This is a longish question, if you're familiar with the source version of
spambayes, you may want to bail out of this message and delete it now!
And I apologise for posting what is a fairly specific
installation/compilation question into this mailing list. If I should put it
somewhere else, please let me know!
I'm running Outlook 2003 on Windows XP x64. I initially installed the 1.0.4
win32 binary release of Spambayes but I got into hot water with outlook (it
turns out that was a known issue with DEP and AMD64 and Outlook not getting
along, but I didn't know that then).
At some stage in the past 2 months, I tried installing the x64 Python
windows package and building the spambayes outlook addin using the source. I
installed the source package (spambayes-1.1a4\) in my D: drive (this is
mapped to My Documents and vice versa).
But I had lots of "fun" trying to get the win32 extensions installed into
the 64-bit Python application, so I uninstalled Py64 and installed the
32-bit Windows version of Python 2.5, which installed fine. I copied the
spambayes-1.1a4 folder to the site-packages folder (as listed in the
readme.txt in the outlook2000 folder) under the Python 2.5 installation
folder (in other words, it's under C:\Program Files
I ran setup.py install, which seemed to install the outlook addin just fine,
and it has successfully worked since then.
The problem I'm having is that I tried to use the notifications options to
play with sounds. The browse buttons didn't appear to do anything, but if I
typed the path to the soundfile in the appropriate edit control, SpamBayes
used 2 of the sounds properly (the unknown and spam notifications), but the
known good notification sound ignored whatever value is in the edit field.
I did some more digging, and I ran the manager.py script in the outlook2000
folder (under the program files folder) (with outlook closed down and not in
the process list!). The spambayes manager window appears, and now when I
click any of the browse buttons, I get the following result in my command
line window (please note that I've also included the header info to verify
where I'm running this script from, etc):
[c:\program files
Loaded bayes database from 'C:\Documents and Settings\Pete\Application
Loaded message database from 'C:\Documents and Settings\Pete\Application
Bayes database initialized with 1392 spam and 1181 good messages
... I click the Browse button here...
Python WNDPROC handler failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\Data\SpamBayes\spambayes-1.1a4\Outlook2000\dialogs\dlgcore.py",
line 310, in OnCommand
  File "D:\Data\SpamBayes\spambayes-1.1a4\Outlook2000\dialogs\dlgcore.py",
line 262, in ApplyHandlingOptionValueError
line 288, in OnCommand
line 277, in DoBrowse
TypeError: Argument must be a 88-byte string
Saving configuration -> C:\Documents and Settings\Pete\Application
Now, there are two issues that I see here. The first (and hopefully the
simplest) is that the button click event is not being handled by the code
(and I would ask if anyone else sees the same problem with this version of
spambayes - or is it just me?)
The second issue is a bit more confusing. The path listed in the traceback
(i.e. D:\Data\SpamBayes\spambayes-1.1a4\Outlook2000\dialogs\) does not exist
anymore on this system - the original windows binary installation was
installed there, but I (thought that I) properly uninstalled the binary
windows32 package version of spambayes (or I thought I did, it's no longer
in the installed applications list or on the hard drive or in the registry
that I can find).
What on earth have I done wrong, and how can I fix it?
This problem speaks more about the reliability and robustness of the
spambayes installation than about my idiotic installation problems - you've
got a really well-behaved application here! I'm very impressed (if mystified
as to what I've done).
I apologise again for the shotgun message, and if anyone can point me in the
right direction or the right resource, I'd be most grateful. I'm happy to
take this problem off-line if that's more appropriate too.
Thanks in advance,

Peter Naus
Audio Engineering Manager
20 Churinga Avenue, Mitcham. Victoria. 3132. Australia.
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