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peter at sibilski.net peter at sibilski.net
Sun Aug 19 20:43:49 CEST 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,
Let me begin with the three requested items that your website indicates
as 'good karma' to include: 
1) Operating System: Windows XP SP2
2) SpamBayes version: 1.04 (March 2005)
3) Log files or traceback: none I can provide
SpamBayes is vital to my email use, it works, and helps me sort the
delivery of spam to the 'spam' folder. Great piece of software!!!
I was thinking about the use of flat file database on the local system
running Outlook (in my case Outlook 2k3). Have you given any thought to
running a central database on a local network SpamBayes 'Server'? 
Forgive me, I am a visual person, I would like to "show" you what I was
     PC #  1 w/ Outlook2k3 + SpamBayes Plugin --->[PC w/ network DB
engine (MySQL)]
     PC #... w/ Outlook2k3 + SpamBayes Plugin --->[db Table: 'SpamBayes'
     PC #  N w/ Outlook2k3 + SpamBayes Plugin --->[
If the PCs on the local network could update a central network
accessible database engine table (i.e. 'MySQL' server) then the
available spam database for the entire subnet would grow
exponentially... instead of individually. Would not this approach
improve a faster growth, broader application, and improved response to
the evolving techniques used to distribute Spam and bypass the
'one-PC-outlook-plugin-on-your-own' approach to spam filtering?
I wish SpamBayes would also keep a list/db of offending network address
path information within the email internet headers... would be extremely
useful to generate statistical reports for frequently encountered
offending IPs etc.
What do you think about these ideas?
Peter Sibilski 
(M) +1 414 467 4046
Peter at Sibilski.net
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