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Karen, look in every one of your folders that has a plus to the left of
it.  You may have inadvertently moved the suspects fold into another
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My junk suspects folder has disappeared.  I don't know how it happened.
It looks like junk suspects are still being filtered to this folder but
I have no idea where it has gone and how to make it reappear.  As a
result, these emails are still in limbo somewhere.  The version of
spambayes I am using is 1.0.4.  I have the 2007 version of Outlook.  I
have read the trouble-shooting guide and I am still stuck.  I have also
tried to reset my configuration.  Please help!
Many thanks,

Karen Lu,
Research Associate and,
Program Coordinator
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Tel: (416) 977-9000 ext. 25
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