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I'm Paul Storms of Belgium's leading computer consumer magazines Clickx Magazine and PC Magazine. We are including a free covermount cd with our Clickx Magazine n° 153 (October 2 2007), and we would like to include "Spambayes" on that cd.


Can you please tell us if we can have your permission to do so. Please visit our websites: http://clickxmagazine.zdnet.be <http://clickxmagazine.zdnet.be/>  and http://pcmagazine.zdnet.be <http://pcmagazine.zdnet.be/>  for information on our magazine. 

The download link to our mediakit is http://newsletter.minoc.com/sales/pdf/Mediakit_Minoc_2007_Full_UK.pdf <http://newsletter.minoc.com/sales/pdf/Mediakit_Minoc_2007_Full_UK..pdf>  - it will give you some idea of our company and portfolio.


Hope to hear from you soon,


Kind regards,


Paul Storms
Marketing Assistant 


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