[Spambayes] Not recognising mail.waitrose.com mail

Roland J meccman at waitrose.com
Fri Dec 7 13:47:30 CET 2007

Hi there,
I have recently gone onto Broadband with waitrose.com and have entered :-
Remote Servers :-  pop.clara.net;mail.waitrose.com (Current Value: 
SpamBayes Ports:- 110;8110 (Current Value: 110;8110)

However, although the eMail via my old eMail address with Clara still appears in 
the Review/train page, the mail from the Waitrose server slips through and does 
not appear in the review page. Hence more and more spam is arriving in my 
Outlook Express (v.6.0) inbox.

I have contacted the Waitrose technical help line but other than selecting to 
activate their Spam filter (which did not help much) they had no other 

Can you please let me know how to configure SpamBayes to scan ALL my incoming 
eMail ?

Regards, Roland.

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