[Spambayes] Mail Delivery (failure travel at customercare.expedia.com)

Joel Rosenthal rojo.editor at verizon.net
Wed Dec 12 04:00:36 CET 2007

How on earth did this message ever get sent to this entire e-mail list?


Sorry Lori, but somehow this e-mail got sent to everyone who subscribes to
this list about anti-spam software.


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travel at customercare.expedia.com)


Hello. My name is Lori Davenport and I was told to E-mail you about my
E-mail address. Somehow it was put in to the computer wrong when I called
about a ticket. I need the paper to get my daughter on her flight but did
not recieve it because of the mistake.They have it as pcltave1 at ihc.com but
it shoul;d be pcldave1 at ihc.com

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