[Spambayes] Vista and Office 2007

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
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There are reports of SpamBayes working with Vista and Outlook 2007
(which I assume is what you mean). However, there are a couple of common
issues (for which workarounds are available). It appears from the
archives that you already know about the DEP issue (and presumably how
to address it), but I don't know if you've seen the other:
I can't say whether the next release of SpamBayes will address these
problems. It seems unlikely, as there really isn't an active maintainer
for the Outlook plug-in. To the list: if you have (or know someone who
has) Windows development skills (and, ideally, access to Vista and
Outlook 2007), here's a great opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile
Fame and riches will surely ensue. Just ask any of the people who've
worked on the project. (In case anyone is unsure: I jest.)


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Will the next release of Spambayes have a fix for the problem with Vista
and Office 2007 where you can't open outlook with Spambayes loaded?

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