[Spambayes] Trimming a Junk Email folder

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Thu Dec 13 14:05:56 CET 2007

Or just empty it. Select the folder, press Ctrl-A to select all the
messages in it, and Shift-click the delete button (looks like an X) on
the Outlook toolbar to permanently delete the messages.  Shouldn't take
more than a few seconds.

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    chermesh> Still, a long use creates a problem, my Junk Email folder
    chermesh> into a monster, around 5000 items....  As long as the
    chermesh> was smaller, I used to do it manually, but a few weeks of
    chermesh> neglect, led it to its present state.  Can you suggest a
    chermesh> substitute to the manual procedure?

Delete it completely and start from scratch?

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