[Spambayes] Outlook Doesn't like me!! - Solved

Shawn Kennedy skennedy at sdkk.net
Sun Dec 16 16:44:02 CET 2007


After digging around (more), I figured out it was DEP got
turned on and SpamBayes doesn't work under that condition!
Turned DEP to just the core WIndows components and
I'm back in business!!

> Hello,
> After months of sucessfully running of SpamBayes 1.0.4, I 
> opened Outlook 2003 (latest updates) on my Windows XP Pro
> SP2 (latest updates) and received the dreaed "Spambayes
> must be disabled" message from Outlook. I followed
> the information in the troubleshooting docs:
> 1) I tried to recheck the Com check box, wouldn't stay checked
> 2) I deleted the toolbar and it did not recreate, even after 
>    reregistering the DLL and running the addin. 
> 3) I tried to re-enable the disabled items via Outlook 
>    and it still complains so I then deleted everything 
>   (uninstall) and then enabled the disabled item - no 
>    complaint. When I reinstalled, my problem is back
>    and still no SpamBayes toolbar.
> 4) I even did a "reair" MS Office to no avail.
> Nothing in any logfile that appears usefull (only
> thing in the spambayes logfile is the reinsall of SpamBayes).
> Any ideas?
> Than you ever so much!!

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