[Spambayes] Bugs? Yup. Fixes? Definitely. Downloadable installer and patches? Yes.

Thomas Hruska thruska at cubiclesoft.com
Wed Dec 26 15:43:50 CET 2007

Amedee Van Gasse wrote:
> On Tue, December 25, 2007 20:14, Thomas Hruska wrote:
>> [For those interested in an installable build of 1.0.4 with my fixes
>> and/or want to see the source code modifications I've made, scroll down]
>> While applying the modifications I suggested a couple weeks ago, I'm
>> fairly (99%) certain I've run into at least one critical bug in the
>> Spambayes 1.0.4 POP3 proxy.  If you use the proxy, read on.
> *snippety snip*
> I use the procmail filter, does it apply for me?

I'm pretty sure my changes are specific to the POP3 proxy.  However, 
glancing at the source to sb_filter.py and hammie.py, I'd say you have 
the same problems (Spambayes doesn't operate on the original message AND 
doesn't filter out messages it shouldn't train on).

I'm only interested in the POP3 proxy though since that's what I use. 
That and I'm not familiar enough with procmail to be comfortable making 
changes for it.  Look at the changes I made in sb_server.py and ProxyUI.py.

BTW, I've been using my modified version of Spambayes for the past few 
days and it has been working like a charm.  Just this morning I selected 
25 messages to train on and it only trained on 16 of those - Spambayes 
decided it didn't need the other 9 messages since they were classified 

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