[Spambayes] Bugs? Yup. Fixes? Definitely. Downloadable installer and patches? Yes.

Thomas Hruska thruska at cubiclesoft.com
Mon Dec 31 15:46:20 CET 2007

Mark Hammond wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>> While applying the modifications I suggested a couple weeks ago, I'm
>> fairly (99%) certain I've run into at least one critical bug in the
>> Spambayes 1.0.4 POP3 proxy.  If you use the proxy, read on.
> Your description of the problem and solution certainly sounds reasonable.
>> For those who want to see my changes (12MB file):
>> http://www.cubiclesoft.com/Unrelated/spambayes-1.0.4.zip
> Any chance you can create a patch and upload it to sourceforge so it doesn't
> get lost?  Its much easier to review your changes that way.  Ideally, there
> would be a separate patch for each individual problem (I'm afraid I can't
> recall the other changes you refer to)
>> Total time spent on getting this all working was roughly 20 hours.
>> Time I'd rather have spent doing something else.  However, I'm quite 
>> happy with the result.
> Welcome to open-source development <wink>

I've never submitted a patch before.  I suppose I'll have to fiddle with 
downloading the whole thing through TortoiseSVN and then apply my 
changes into three different patches.

Can't do this at the moment.  Busy with other things.

If you can find (or perhaps someone could make?) a video tutorial that 
demonstrates how to use Sourceforge for making and submitting patches, 
that would be great.  I ran a _quick_ Google search and came up pretty 
much empty-handed on a decent tutorial (both video and plain text).  A 
more in-depth search might turn up something.

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