[Spambayes] still waiting for answer

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Mon Jan 1 22:09:15 CET 2007

    george> I am still waiting for reply on why I have to reboot my OS X if
    george> I shut down the OS X version of spambayes, and want to restart
    george> spambayes.  

It's not clear what OS X version of SpamBayes you are referring to or what
SpamBayes application(s) you use.  I sort of suspect it's the one packaged
by Sam Thorne and mentioned here:


but I'm not certain.  If so, you might ask Sam if he knows what's going on.
Also, the version references on that page are to 1.0rc1 (May 2004).  That's
kind of ancient.  The current stable release is 1.0.4 and 1.1 is in alpha

    george> Please inform if my questions are not clear & I will try to
    george> phrase them such that I can receive a solution, to what I think
    george> is a simple question.

Simple questions don't always have simple answers.  In this case, I suspect
few people use the Mac OSX package you refer to.  I use a Mac and just
install from source.


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