[Spambayes] Multiple servers - two will not filter

Gary Smith Gary at doctorgary.net
Wed Jan 3 17:23:41 CET 2007


I have four pop email addresses and am using Pegasus. I have been 
using two of the servers with Spambayes and it has been perfect since 
last May. Today I got my first spam on one account which I never post 
with. I tried to add this & the pop GMail to the list of servrers & 
ports in the spambayes configration but I can not get the two new 
servers to work with spambayes.

The only way I can get mail with it is to have it as port 110 in 
Pegasus and when I change the port in spambayes to reflect 110, 
spambayes is not picking up those emails.

Here is what I have from the spambayes configuration screen;



Bozung.net and mailhost.chi.ameritech.net are going through spambayes 
just fine. 

mailhost.tvcconnect.net and pop.gmail.com will not pass through 
spambayes and I get the message:
"15: Peer connect failure (the host has refused the 

tvcconnect only works when I have the port in Pegasus set at 110 and 
getting Gmail in Pegasus requires I use port 995.

If I set tvcconnect at 110 & gmail at 995 , they will not filter in 
spambayes even when I set them in spambayes as the only ones using 
those ports. 

Selecting any other port number for them in both Spambayes and 
pegasus gives me the above peer connect error message.

Any suggestions why these last two are proving difficult but the 
first two filter perfectly?



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