[Spambayes] still waiting for answer

Sam Thorne sam at s-j-t.co.uk
Thu Jan 4 02:57:14 CET 2007

The installer package I created is pretty out of date, but it still  
uses the basic SystemStarter calls to stop and start it.

%> sudo SystemStarter start SpamBayes
%> sudo SystemStarter stop SpamBayes
should work.

To be honest, I dont use the package I created anymore, I just use  
All the source for the installer is included on that page however, if  
you want to continue building it or update it to a newer version,  
feel free.


On 1 Jan 2007, at 21:09, skip at pobox.com wrote:

>     george> I am still waiting for reply on why I have to reboot my  
> OS X if
>     george> I shut down the OS X version of spambayes, and want to  
> restart
>     george> spambayes.
> It's not clear what OS X version of SpamBayes you are referring to  
> or what
> SpamBayes application(s) you use.  I sort of suspect it's the one  
> packaged
> by Sam Thorne and mentioned here:
>     http://entrian.com/sbwiki/MacOSXPackage
> but I'm not certain.  If so, you might ask Sam if he knows what's  
> going on.
> Also, the version references on that page are to 1.0rc1 (May  
> 2004).  That's
> kind of ancient.  The current stable release is 1.0.4 and 1.1 is in  
> alpha
> test.
>     george> Please inform if my questions are not clear & I will  
> try to
>     george> phrase them such that I can receive a solution, to what  
> I think
>     george> is a simple question.
> Simple questions don't always have simple answers.  In this case, I  
> suspect
> few people use the Mac OSX package you refer to.  I use a Mac and just
> install from source.
> Skip

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