[Spambayes] A fix for image spam???

Amedee Van Gasse amedee at amedee.be
Fri Jan 5 00:25:00 CET 2007

Op vrijdag 05-01-2007 om 08:26 uur [tijdzone +1000], schreef Bill Hely:
> As a long-time SpamBayes user who finds that SpamBayes seems to
> be relatively helpless against image spam, I'm looking for
> informed comment on the following, received from Sunbelt
> Software:
> 	 Start Quote 
> Does your Antispam solution catch Image Spam? Ninja Does!
> Rather than using possibly unpredictable heuristics or
> computationally expensive optical character recognition, Ninja
> uses fingerprinting algorithms that generate identities from a
> single piece of content. Leveraging the power of the Cloudmark
> engine, fingerprinting algorithms offer the most efficient and
> robust Image Spam protection to date!
> Stop Image Spam today, with this free 30 day Messaging Ninja for
> Exchange trial:
> http://www.sunbelt-software.com/SunbeltMessagingNinja-Download.cf
> m

When I read how Cloudmark fingerprinting works, I get the impression it
does the same as most bayes-based spamfilters, only on a much larger
Anyway, it's for Exchange (mailservers), and Spambayes isn't: it is for
the end user with his individual mail client.

> Can SpamBayes ever conquer image spam to ant substantial degree?

It already does that for me. Doesn't it do that for you? What version do
you use?

Amedee Van Gasse
amedee at amedee.be

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