[Spambayes] Outlook only partially working.

Damian Bree damian at architech.co.uk
Fri Jan 5 19:07:38 CET 2007

Hello, and Happy New Year.
I've been using SpamBayes for several years and think its great.
Just before Christmas I started to notice that some e-mails do not get moved
to my Spam Junk folder when I use the 'Delete as Spam' button.
When I click on the 'SpamBayes' button on my toolbar to access the SpamBayes
manager nothing happens.
I believe SpamBayes loads and works as incoming Spam is still being sent to
my Junk e-mail folder, but I'm not sure whether new spam I train is being
learned by SpamBayes, and certainly is not being moved to the junk folder
when I delete it as spam.
I've read the "Troubleshooting the SpamBayes Outlook Addin" document. I've
also looked in the Data directory. The 'default_bayes_database.db' and
'default_message_database.db' files both have modified dates of 22 November
My START menu -> All Programmes -> SpamBayes menu shows a generic windows
icon for the 'SpamBayes Tray Icon' (located at C:\Programme
Files\SpamBayes\bin ). Should there be a *.exe file here?


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