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Bill Hely bill.hely at helyholdings.com
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Charlotte, if you mean the SpamBayes Outlook plug-in, uninstall
in the usual way:

Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> SpamBayes n.n.n

This does not remove the training database, so if you want
complete removal you'll have to go in and delete the
folders/files left behind.
But you'd be much better off getting it working.
What's the problem? Do you have "Delete As Spam" and "SpamBayes"
buttons on the Outlook toolbar?
Configuration is under the "SpamBayes" button.
If having trouble please ask specific questions so we know where
to point you. Sometimes it's better to uninstall and start again.
At the first start of Outlook after a clean SpamBayes
installation, SpamBayes should automatically enter a
configuration phase. But you can still configure it through the
button as mentioned above. 
 - Bill

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I have tried and tried to reconfigure and it is not working.  How
do I unistall this plug in?   Or else how do reconfigure?


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