[Spambayes] spambayes not working

Terry Madden terrym at jmamail.com
Tue Jan 9 15:05:46 CET 2007

A week ago my spambayes stopped working.  It was not detecting spam emails
and the buttons stopped working in Outlook.  Even after clicking and
dragging the emails into the "junk email" folder, the function still did not

I have uninstalled and installed the program twice and still does not work.
The buttons were also deleted in Outlook, and now they do not appear when


I am running on Window XP 2002, service pack 2

SpamBayes POP3 Proxy Version 1.0.4


Terry Madden


320 Main St.

Irwin, PA 15642


724-864-9654 fax

terrym at jmamail.com




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