[Spambayes] Just to say thanks

Haleh haleh at mithras.org
Wed Jan 10 09:47:55 CET 2007

Hi folks.


I have been using Spambayes for a couple of years or so now and have been
very happy with it. Recently we decided to actually buy an antivirus and
found that BitDefender do an integrated product with a spam manager built
into. After having evaluated their spam manager for two weeks I am going
back to using Spambayes. They claim that their product works based on
Bayesian concept but to my experience it doesn't. It takes no notice of the
body of the message and works purely on either the sender's address or
domain name. That is you can receive the same identical spam message from a
hundred different addresses and press that 'Is Spam' button one hundred
times and it will not recognize message hundred and one as spam. The same
applies to messages it wrongly classifies as spam. You tell it on and on
this is not spam and it will again put it in the spam filter.


Anyway, I thought you might be pleased to hear that we're back using good
old reliable Spambayes. People are always quick to complain about products
and services but I thought it might be of value to you to actually hear from
a very satisfied and loyal user.


Thanks guys for all great work you do and all for free.


Haleh all the way from Sydney, Australia

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