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Seth Goodman sethg at goodmanassociates.com
Fri Jan 12 04:59:32 CET 2007

It sounds like you are using IMAP and the message is moved and/or deleted
but not purged from the server.  Are these messages on an IMAP server?  If
so, I don't use IMAP myself so maybe someone who does can help out.

Seth Goodman

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I'm fresh outta clues. Anyone else got a bigger clue bag?

P.S. Please "reply to all."

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That is not it.  I have already checked that.  If I uninstall your software,
it doesn't tag them as spam and they all go through.only once.  Once your
software is installed, it catches all / most of the spam, but it also leaves
a copy of it on my server.  Thanks for getting back to me with that
suggestion, but that isn't it.  HELP.


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This is probably due to how you have Outlook set up. In Outlook 2003 (maybe
2002 as well), there's an "E-mail Accounts..." item on the Tools menu that
fires up a wizard. If I choose to "View or change existing e-mail accounts",
select a POP account, click "Change...", and click "More Settings...", and
then click the "Advanced" tab, there's a checkbox labeled "Leave a copy of
messages on the server".


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I have windows xp pro, outlook 2002, and I am not sure what version of
spambayes I have.  My problem is this.  My ISP doesn't allow use to leave
mail on the server for X amount of days.  If we choose this option, it just
keeps sending me the same email continuously.over and over.  When your
program tags an email as spam and moves it to one of the boxes, it leaves a
copy of it at my ISP and I continue to receive that same email.all day long.
Until I go out to my ISP's webmail and manually delete it.  Am I doing
something wrong.how can I get your program to not leave a copy on the


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