[Spambayes] Changing data file location for OL

Bill Bethke bbethke at netzero.net
Mon Jan 22 21:09:41 CET 2007

I read the FAQ and Configuration Guide, but doing what I understood did not
work.  Below is what I did (with Outlook 2002 closed):


Created directory:

D:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Outlook\SpamBayes Data


Moved default_message_database.db and default_bayes_database.db from
C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Application Data\SpamBays to D:\Documents and
Settings\Bill\Outlook\SpamBayes Data


Created the file named default_configuration.ini and placed it in
C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Application Data\SpamBays with the following
two lines:


data_directory=D:\ Documents and Settings\Bill\Outlook\SpamBayes Data


My understanding was that when I opened Outlook SpamBayes would read the
default_configuration.ini file in the Application Directory path and then
use the data bases from the D: path.  However, when opening up Outlook I get
the message that SpamBayes is not configured.  I thought the spaces in the
directory name in default_configuration.ini might be the problem, so I
changed it (and moved data files) to D:\SPAM.  But that did not work either.
What am I missing here?


My goal is to have the data bases on a drive and path that I regularly back
up, and also share that database (as well as the Outlook pst file) on a
laptop via Briefcase.  (I only use one machine or the other before updating
briefcase so Outlook will not try to run on both machines on the same data
at once)


Thanks for anyone who can help!


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