[Spambayes] Missing Junk Email Folder

Charlie Wirth cwirth at lrmd-cpa.com
Thu Jan 25 16:07:40 CET 2007

 We use Spambayes in our office and it works very well. We have been
having a problem recently when we changed to a new Exchange provider. It
seems that the default Junk E-Mail folder is missing on many of our
computers. We are using Outlook 2003. It appears that Spambayes created
a new folder called Junk E-mail1. With the default junk e-mail folder we
had the ability to 'empty' this folder. But with the junk e-mail1 folder
we cannot do this. We can remove this folder but not empty it. I have
use the Outlook utility to recreate default folders but this does not
work.  Any suggestions on how to bring back the default junk e-mail
Charlie Wirth
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