[Spambayes] Missing Junk Email Folder

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Thu Jan 25 16:59:39 CET 2007

First, I don't think SpamBayes creates any folders. I'd suspect the new
Exchange provider and/or Outlook.
Second, SpamBayes allows you to specify any folders you like for spam
and possible spam. You could try removing the Junk E-mail1 folder,
creating your own spam and possible spam folders, and configuring
SpamBayes to use those folders. (You specify the folders on the Filter
tab of the SpamBayes Manager. The Manager is available from the
SpamBayes button on the Outlook toolbar.)
I'd be a bit nervous about removing the Junk E-mail1 folder, though.
Exchange may be putting messages that it thinks are junk into it. I
don't trust Exchange's filtering, so I have SpamBayes filter the Junk
E-mail and Junk E-mail Candidates folders as well as the inbox. This
removes the possibility that I'll miss ham because of misclassification
by Exchange. (I use 1.1 alpha software, which allows ham as well as spam
to be moved.)


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 We use Spambayes in our office and it works very well. We have been
having a problem recently when we changed to a new Exchange provider. It
seems that the default Junk E-Mail folder is missing on many of our
computers. We are using Outlook 2003. It appears that Spambayes created
a new folder called Junk E-mail1. With the default junk e-mail folder we
had the ability to 'empty' this folder. But with the junk e-mail1 folder
we cannot do this. We can remove this folder but not empty it. I have
use the Outlook utility to recreate default folders but this does not
work.  Any suggestions on how to bring back the default junk e-mail
Charlie Wirth
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