[Spambayes] Database error

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Jan 25 18:32:51 CET 2007

    Tom> Help! I upgraded to 1.0.4 and am using the Pop3 proxy. I has been
    Tom> doing so for over a year, but it blew up on a database corruption
    Tom> issue (??) so I downloaded the latest on 8/1/2006

    Tom> Since then it's blown up on me at least twice. It's always died in
    Tom> the same operation: When I click the "Train" button in the web
    Tom> interface.

The default storage doesn't support multiple writers to the database.
That's the usual cause of corruption.  I suggest you switch to the zodb
storage and train from scratch.  If you really do have multiple writers,
switch to zeo.


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