[Spambayes] UNINSTALLING SB???

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Fri Jan 26 13:49:46 CET 2007

If you're running Windows XP, maybe you need to log in as an
administrative user.
It might be helpful to have details regarding what you attempt and what
happens. (Something like, "When I attempt to delete foobar.baz in
Explorer, a message box displays with the following text: 'Error: Unplug
toaster before polishing shoes'.".)


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Can someone tell me please how to delete Sapmbayes from my computer. I
have used Add/Remove, but the items that *must be done manually*, will
not allow me to do so. 
I have changed ISP's and they have their own spam filter and I want to
get rid of the above.
Peg Rampling
ggrannieme at westnet.com.au
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