[Spambayes] UNINSTALLING SB???

Tom listmail at athenet.net
Fri Jan 26 16:46:16 CET 2007

At 12:21 PM 1/26/2007 +1100, Peg wrote:
>Can someone tell me please how to delete Sapmbayes from my computer. I 
>have used Add/Remove, but the items that *must be done manually*, will not 
>allow me to do so.
>I have changed ISP's and they have their own spam filter and I want to get 
>rid of the above.

FYI, I my ISP has Ironmail, an email scanning appliance that costs a ton of 
money, and I use Spambayes right behind it, to clean up all the leakage. I 
wouldn't assume that your ISP's spam filters are going catch everything, or 
that it will continue to do so. Spam is ever-changing.

My 0.15 euro.

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