[Spambayes] Database error

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Fri Jan 26 17:23:18 CET 2007

(please cc spambayes at python.org...)

    >> The default storage doesn't support multiple writers to the database.
    >> That's the usual cause of corruption.  I suggest you switch to the
    >> zodb storage and train from scratch.  If you really do have multiple
    >> writers, switch to zeo.

    Tom> Skip: I don't understand what you mean by zodb or zeo. Are these
    Tom> different compile options? I run a binary.  Here are my choices on
    Tom> the config menu:

    Tom> Use database for storage:
    Tom> mysql
    Tom> pgsql
    Tom> dbm
    Tom> pickle
    Tom> True
    Tom> False
    Tom> True
    Tom> False

What version of SpamBayes are you running?  I thought the latest version had
zodb and zeo options.


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