[Spambayes] Database error

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Fri Jan 26 21:55:18 CET 2007

    >> The default storage doesn't support multiple writers to the database.

    Tom> I take this to mean that perhaps I was training on some messages
    Tom> while my email client was open and actively updating the
    Tom> database... is that what this might mean?

Yup.  If you're using the pop3 proxy why would your email client be updating
the database?

    >> What version of SpamBayes are you running?  I thought the latest
    >> version had zodb and zeo options.

    Tom> Pop3 proxy version is 1.0.4.

I just rummaged through the change log in the source.  It appears that the
zodb/zeo support is new in 1.1.  You can try 1.1a2 or 1.1a3, the latest
versions.  Zodb storage is the default since 1.1a2 was released last April.
We've been much too long in alpha test for 1.1, but we collectively are
short on time.  If you decide to upgrade your feedback would be much
appreciated.  Given that your current database is corrupt I'd just toss it
instead of trying to convert it from dbm to zodb.


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