[Spambayes] Troubleshooting : Crash on stratup

Utku Salihoglu usalihog at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 18:25:05 CET 2007



I have installed spam bayes and it worked quite well for some time but now
it seems that outlook does not want it anymore. Every time I start outlook
(with spam bayes enabled) or anytime I activate spam bayes from outlook,
Outlook crash and when restarted ask me to disable spam bayes. I have
followed the troubleshooting guide but it does not help me solve the
problem. By the way, I also disable all other plug-in in case it was a
conflict but again no luck. The only plug-in I was not able to disable was
IntraVnews since it does not appears in any list of addin.


Any help will be appreciated.


My config : 

Windows XP SP2

Spam Bayes 1.04

And my log file is empty


Thank in advance for any help.



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