[Spambayes] SpamBayes crashes silently on Mac OS X

Kevin Yank thatguy at kevinyank.com
Wed Jul 4 16:24:00 CEST 2007

I followed your procedure (thanks for it, by the way!). Unfortunately, I 
ran into a couple of snags:

My bayescustomize.ini file didn’t contain the 
persistent_storage_filename and persistent_use_database options, and 
adding them as you suggested didn’t seem to make a difference—the server 
still choked at startup trying to open a pickle file. In the end, I 
reversed the changes and fired SpamBayes back up. I then used the 
SpamBayes web config UI to change the Storage file name, the Message 
information file name, and (on the Advanced screen) the database format.

After making these changes in that order, the Web UI threw up an ugly 
error message. The best I can gather is that after changing the file 
names, SpamBayes created a dbm format file with the new hammie.pck 
filename. Then when I changed the database format, it choked on that 
same file. Shutting down the server, deleting the hammie.pck file, and 
restarting the server got things working in the end.

This is the bayescustomize.ini file generated by this process:


My best guess as to the cause of the startup crashes when I edited the 
file manually was you didn’t mention setting messageinfo_storage_file.

With that issue sorted, the next problem I had was that there was no 
_pop3proxyham.mbox file in my data directory, and the 
_pop3proxyspam.mbox file apparently only had two messages inside it. 
Looks like I’ll be retraining from scratch…

Anyway, I’m now running on the pickle database format. Hopefully this 
marks the end of my SpamBayes crashes! :-)

Thanks again,

Kevin Yank

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