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Kristofer Carlson registrar at alts.edu
Tue Jun 5 15:28:02 CEST 2007

> Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 08:07:53 -0500
> From: "Chuck Cole" <cncole at earthlink.net>
> Subject: [Spambayes] Spambayes trashes PST file links in OuchLook
> To: <spambayes at python.org>
> I made a mistake and updated the Spambayes junk and good data using some
> archival pst files that were not attached at the time.  Spambayes found
> and attached them, but in doing so, destroyed some data Outlook needs so
> I can "close" them or see their "advanced properties".  I cannot find a
> repair tool or instruction after diligent looking.
> I need to "close" these extra huge PST files and cannot.  I can access
> their contents and could empty them to alternate pst files, but cannot
> fix the broken links and risk losing very big and important archives.
> Is there any repair tool I can try?
> Can Spambayes be made to avoid this file corruption?
> Can Spambayes heal the link parameters of extra PST files?
> Chuck

I've read the exchange between you and Mark Hammond. I must admit the
description of your problem is puzzling, and I'm not sure I understand
exactly what is happening. I've got some thoughts about how you got into
this predicament, which are included at the end of this message.

However, you simply want to get Outlook working again, so we'll tackle that
first. Outlook email profiles sometimes get corrupted, and do some strange
things. This might be what happened to you. You simply have to rebuild your

1) Gather the information for your email account(s): UserID, password, email
address, POP3 and SMTP settings.
2) Determine which Outlook .pst file you are using (Control Panel/Mail/Show
Profiles/Properties/Data Files
3) If Outlook will open, export your Rules: Tools/Rules and
Alerts/Options/Export Rules
4) Close Outlook
5) Control Panel/Mail/Show Profiles
6) Delete Profile (this is optional: you will have an option later to select
which profile automatically opens when you start Outlook)
7) Add Profile
8) Add Email Account(s)
9) Open Outlook
10)File/Import & Export/Import from another program or file/Personal Folder
File (.pst)
11) Import from your original .pst folder. Be sure to select the root of the
.pst, and import the subfolders into the same folder into your new location
(which is likely your Personal Folders).
12) Import your Rules: Tools/Rules and Alerts/Options/Import Rules 

If you did everything correctly, you will have a functioning Outlook, with
all your stuff in the correct place. You will likely have to reconfigure
SpamBayes, but that is a different issue, and covered in the help files.

If I understand the discussion, it appears that SpamBayes uses MAPI to
access .pst folder data. You told SpamBayes to access .pst files that were
not linked to your email profile, and therefore MAPI couldn't find them. I
could speculate on what happened within Outlook when that happened, but I'd
just be guessing.

The solution to this is not to update (train) SpamBayes by "linking" to .pst
files that are not open in your Outlook profile. It doesn't work that way,
and can't happen. Instead, import the .pst file folder containing the data
you want to use for training into Outlook---you can create a new folder for
the purpose, and import the data into there. If you are importing "Junk" and
"Not Junk", create two folders, one for each. Train from within your .pst
folder, then delete the folder(s) containing the imported data. That should
work much better.

Kristofer Carlson

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