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Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Mar 1 05:43:17 CET 2007

To manually register and unregister the binary release of spambayes, use
'bin\outlook_addin_register.exe" instead of addin.py - the same cmd-line
options should work though.

Try the following:
* Shutdown outlook
* Execute outlook_addin_register.exe without any args.
* Start Outlook
* Look in your %TEMP% directory for spambayes1.log (I  *think* that is the
filename - see the "troubleshooting guide") and mail the contents of that
file back to the list.  If that logfile can't be found, or shows no evidence
of spambayes being loaded at all, then you should get back to looking into
if Outlook has disabled all addins.

If the user is not an administrator of the machine, you may also like to try
installing it via an admin account.


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  Here's the log for an install after an uninstall (that didn't go clean,
somehow the user did it even though "she didn't do anything").

  I've tried all the info I've found via Google searches (as mentioned in my
last email, before I noticed that you wanted a log file)...one moment and
I'll grab that and paste it in....

  here's the scoop:

  Win XP Media Center Edition 2005
  Outlook 2003
  SpamBayes 1.0.4 *working*

  ....give to client...... (first mistake)

  User managed to uninstall SpamBayes, leaving the toolbar in place (fixed
per your instructions).  When I tried to find the addin.py file (or close to
that) to run --unregister, couldn't find it.

  Flushed out every trace of SpamBayes I could find (with help from Google
searches):  c:\docs&settings\<user>\Application data;
c:\ProgramFiles\SpamBayes; searching on 'spambayes', 'bayes', & 'spam' in
registry; etc.  Still wouldn't install SpamBayes.

  Next I assumed that Outlook 2003 was broken (possible), and that it
wouldn't allow *any* COM add-ins.  So I downloaded and installed
AttachmentOptions.  It installed fine, and added its tab to the 'Tools' |
'Options' menu.

  When I run the SpamBayes installer, it runs fine to completion.  One odd
quirk, though:  It doesn't fill in the checkbox to 'register this plug-in
for all users.'

  How am I being stupid, and is it possible to correct it?

  Thanks In Advance,

  Doug Hayden
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