[Spambayes] interacting with dbm

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Thu Mar 8 14:34:40 CET 2007

Ah.  Perhaps the thing to do is to build a starting database by training
on a corpus of ham and spam messages that you know your clients would
agree that you've classified correctly.  You can then install that
database on their machines when you install SpamBayes.  See

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Jesse Pelton ha scritto:
> As I understand it, the thing to do is to train on messages that
> those words.  That is, if you receive a message that contains those
> words and SpamBayes classifies it as spam or possible spam, tell
> SpamBayes that it's actually ham.  Alternatively, you could probably
> parse through the code to understand the database design and hack up
> something to add some special tokens to the database.  Heck, you could
> change the code itself to give special treatment to your whitelist
> tokens.  The source is readily available.
> I don't recommend any of the above, though.  If you somehow receive a
> spam message with one of your whitelist words in it, the first
> would require you to mislead SpamBayes about what you consider to be
> spam, and the others seem very error-prone.
> Lots of people have tried to find ways to make SpamBayes smarter.  As
> near as I can tell, no one has found a way to make it consistently
> perform better in a long time.  Does it matter that it's dumb if it
> gives good results?

thx for your reply ... you're right ;)
however, what I'd like to try is to pre-train spambayes, before (or, 
*while*) installing to some clients.

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> I've serched a bit in doc, faq and old messagges but ... no luck :]
> This is my question: can I populate the dbm with my list of *safe* 
> (good) words? I'd like to, sort of, whitelist a group of words.
> Thx in advice,
> Luca

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