[Spambayes] Server service times out while loading...

Eric Johnson ejohnson at imagewireless.ca
Thu Mar 15 21:50:41 CET 2007

I need guidance...

I've been using SpamBayes for a long time now and it works wonderfully.

I had been using 1.1a2 for a little more than a year, I think.  The training
was as perfect as you could get.  I was only seeing about 1.5% - 2% spam in
my Inbox.

In the last few days, I upgraded to 1.1a3 and added the PyDNS to snoop
through the URLs.  I didn't install the OCR part though because I was seeing
zero of the image spam already.  I am pretty sure that I got the PyDNS
installed properly, but I am not absolutely positive.  Everything seemed to
be working properly for a couple of days, but now when I start my system, my
little tray icon says that it is trying to start the service and then I get
the message that the service do not start in a timely manner.  I would
understand that as saying it timedout.  After that the try icon disappears
and my email program says that it cannot connect to the proxy.

Yes, I am using Outlook 2000 and I am using the proxy, I find it works
better than the plugin, but that's my opinion...

I am running Windows XP Professional, and Outlook 2000 SP3, Spambayes 1.1a3
and PyDNS 2.3.0.

Please point me in the right direction...


Eric Johnson
ejohnson at imagewireless.ca
March 15, 2007
2:50 PM (CST) -0600

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