[Spambayes] ham, Not able to have the Header : X-Spambayes-Spam-Probability

Seth Goodman sethg at goodmanassociates.com
Tue Mar 20 18:07:06 CET 2007

Remi wrote on Monday, March 19, 2007 1:39 PM -0600:

> My concern is who's writing the Header.I'm sure it is not
> Thunderbayes. 
> For me it is sb_filter.py that does the work. (Hammie might be doing
> the basic work). So I need to find out who is really writing the
> header and notify this application to write the values on 2 lines.

An alternative is to modify Thunderbayes to parse and accept a single
X-header line with the two values.

Seth Goodman

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