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Sat Mar 24 17:05:55 CET 2007

Op zaterdag 24-03-2007 om 10:45 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Billy H.
> Sirs:
>   Perhaps you can help me!  
>     I cannot even delete an email.  When I download emails from my
> server...I have no idea where they are going.  I keep getting a WINDOW
> in OUTLOOK that says:
>     Moving a message failed due to an unexpected error
>    It is recommended you restart OUTLOOK at the earliest convenience
>   This message will not be repeated again until SpamBayes is restarted
> Now....I'm basically COMPUTER ILLITERATE
>   I've tried to restart SPAMABYES to no avail.
>   I cannot receive email on this desktop
>   I am wishing I had never had SPAMBAYES loaded on my system....  
>  Can you help me at all?

I'm sorry, I cannot help you. I use Linux and I am Windows/Outlook
I'm sure others can help you.
> Since I can't get your email, could you have a tech call me @
> 417-742-4799... or cell 417-838-5359??

Let me explain something to you.
Spambayes isn't a company or isn't sold by a company. It's a Free/Libre
Open Source Project, something like a hobby of a few people that they
wanted to share with the world.
There are no techs, no phones, nothing.
Only a mailing list with a lot of unpaid, volunteering, happy spambayes
users (users just like you and me) that want to help other users in
their free time.
Amedee Van Gasse <amedee at amedee.be>
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