[Spambayes] Is SpamBayes available in Exchange environment?

Charles F. Incaprera charlesi at incaprera.com
Sat Mar 24 17:27:54 CET 2007

I have been using SpamBayes VERY successfully and happily for a couple
of years (or more?) with a standalone Outlook that collects Emails from
a POP3 server. Starting a couple ofweeks ago, in order to better
understand server management and maintenance, I took over the entire
domain Incaprera.com at my home. I have a server (soon two) as a domain
controller, and I am now hosting my own mail server using M'Soft
Exchange. My question: How (if at all) would I best integrate SpamBayes
into this environment? I don't think it works at the Exchange level,
bnut if I install it at the workstation level (i.e., Outlook) then I
guess I must install it at EACH workstation at home, and it will only
work if/when one of them is logged in and is running Outlook. Moreover,
I have no idea what happens if I am logged in at two workstations at
once, each running Outlook with SpamBayes. I would think that each
workstation would develop its own training database, so my removal
results would depend on which station I log in from. That doesn't seem
like a good thing.


AM I missing a better solution? Ideas and/or thoughts are appreciated.




Charles Incaprera
charlesi at incaprera.com

Cell: (281) 782-0939

Home: (281) 855-6948



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